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Community Covenant Church


Our Story

Community Covenant Church was founded in 1879 in Brockton, MA by Swedish immigrants who were part of the spiritual awakenings in Northern Europe in the middle to late Nineteenth Century.  These “Covenanters,” as they were affectionately called, had discovered a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that transformed their lives.  This transformation created in them a desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to serve Christ faithfully.  As they gathered for worship, study of God’s Word and serving others, they formed faith communities called “Mission Friends.”  In 1885, a number of these “Mission Friends” congregations made a covenant together that would enable them to strengthen and expand their mission to the whole world.   Today, this “covenant” of churches is called The Evangelical Covenant Church.  Community Covenant Church was present at that organizational meeting and continues to be engaged in the mission of the larger church with The Evangelical Covenant Church.

Community Covenant Church moved to its present facility in East Bridgewater, MA in 1980.  It is from this location that we go into the community and continue to be Christ’s messengers through service and sharing the Good News.  Community Covenant Church continues to work with any and all churches that “worship God and follow His teachings” (Psalm 119:63).   Today, The Evangelical Covenant Church has over 800 churches in the United States and Canada.  We are a growing, multiethnic, intergenerational mosaic of churches with ministry partnerships in nearly forty countries. We join efforts in the hope of seeing even more people engage in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, across more populations, in a more caring and just world.
We invite you to join us on this journey of faith as God changes the world through His Church.

Our Churches Are

  • Evangelical, but not exclusive
  • Biblical, but not doctrinaire
  • Traditional, but not rigid
  • Congregational, but not independent

Our History

The Evangelical Covenant Church has its roots in historical Christianity as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century. These three influences have in large measure shaped its development and are to be borne in mind in seeking to understand its distinctive spirit.

The Covenant Church adheres to the affirmation of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Holy Scriptures, the Old and the New Testament, as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. It has traditionally valued the historic confessions of the Christian church, particularly the Apostles’ Creed. While at the same time it has emphasized the sovereignty of the Word over creedal interpretations. It has especially cherished the pietistic restatement of the doctrine of justification as basic to the dual task of evangelism and Christian nurture, the New Testament emphasis upon personal faith on Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, the reality of a fellowship of believers which recognizes but transcends theological differences, and the belief in baptism and the Lord’s Supper as divinely ordained sacraments of the church. While the denomination has traditionally practiced the baptism of infants, in conformity with its principle of freedom it has also recognized the practice of believer baptism. The principle of personal freedom, so highly esteemed by the Covenant, is to be distinguished from the individualism that disregards the centrality of the Word of God and the mutual responsibilities and disciplines of the spiritual community.